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British Leather Jackets has earned high notability in the manufacturing, retailing, and exporting of exquisite leather jackets since our initiation in 2016. We have always been adorning and inspirational, the look of our leather being flawless and timeless. So if you wish to look charming and make a lasting impression, British Leather Jackets is the perfect place for you. 

We are a well-established base situated in Karachi, Pakistan providing over 90% of exports to the UK, USA, and Australia.

All our garments are manufactured by us in our factory with special care, maintaining the highest standard. You readily have many options to choose from our range of high-quality leather jackets and various other leather items. All our clothing is exceptional in both quality and design.

We use the best quality cow and sheep leather for our fashion jackets. The quality is one of the finest in the world and we make sure that it lasts for a lifetime. Therefore, it would certainly be a wise investment to make. 

Placing an order with us means that you get a custom-made leather jacket or any other leather product directly from our manufacturer. Your special requirements are passed on directly to the tailors or stitches and all of our products are custom-made at our factory in Pakistan.

We do every effort to make sure that all of our garments are the best in quality and are very durable, we never compromise when it comes to quality. Our designers create visually appealing designs using the highest quality fabrics.

All of the products of our company are crafted to perfection and are given attention to detail. Accessories such as buttons and zips that are used in our products are the best in quality. All garments are prepared by our proficient workers through flawless stitching to ensure that they are durable and long-lasting.

Not only quality, but our designs are also unbeatable. We are the ideal place for fashion-conscious people. Our jackets embellish people’s personalities in front of other people and make them look charming and attractive. 

As a B2C company we provide shipping to all of our customers around the world for free, they are shipped globally by DHL as per the client demand. We also take B2B orders and ship them overseas by ship containers. 

No matter where you live, you can buy our leather products easily and receive them safely through this favorable free global shipping policy. Another notable thing in our leather products is that they are rather economical to buy, customers are pleasantly surprised to find out the prices of our products.

Moreover, our dear customers and buyers also play a big role in the high success we achieved. Their endless positive feedback and kind comments is what further motivates us to maintain our standards. They are the ones who make us keep customer satisfaction in the first place. 

Here at British Leather Jackets you will find an exceptional range of high quality leather goods. Under the careful eyes of our experts, all of your demands will be fulfilled without any problem. We take pride in the standard and quality of our products!

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