“Genuine leather” as good as it sounds, is probably the most common, yet deceiving terms in the otherwise maintained world of fashion. Whenever we come across the words such as “real leather” or “genuine leather” we tend to imagine a warm and comfortable feeling leather product that is also good to the eyes. However this is not always the case, as the words genuine gives the perception that indeed the product is made out of leather but not to be assured that it’s of high quality.

The quality of leather can be divided into different grades, full-grain, top-grain, split and bonded leather. These grades differentiate leather in terms of quality, durability, and price. It can be quite a hassle to identify genuine leather. Here are some tricks you can do to check the authenticity of a leather product.

How to identify genuine leather:

  • Check Labels
  • Look Up Close.
  • Touch It
  • Smell It
  • Look For Pores

How to tell the difference between real and fake leather

Check Labels:

Labels give out clear answers on how to tell if the leather is real or fake. If it’s made out of pure leather and gives you that genuine feel, then most probably you’re heading in the right direction. A label that says “Man-Made material” shows that the product is synthetic. If it doesn’t say anything at all, it’s probably PVC or some other sort of synthetic polymer.

Look Up Close:

To identify genuine leather try to look at the surface carefully. Genuine leather is made out of animal skin and must not be uniform throughout. It needs to include blemishes and imperfections.

Touch It:

The leather has to feel rigid and not smooth to touch. Press your finger in the leather and it has to leave some wrinkles and stretch a bit. This is one of the best ways to identify genuine leather. Faux leather feels cold and unnaturally even. I will retain its shape once pressed thus clearly indicating that the material is not genuine.

Smell It:

The smell of leather is distinctive and feels very natural and organic. Fake leather smells like plastic, and something that might have been processed through lots of chemicals.

Look For Pores:

Leather comes from animals and in order to clearly identify genuine leather, look for pores. If it doesn’t have those pores in it then it is a simple indicator to that the material is synthetic or fake.

Does real leather peel?

Leather is made out of animal skin, thus it needs to be kept moisturized and in a suitable environment for it to last for decades. When it starts to dry out, it can eventually start to crack and peel. Your leather product is meant to peel a little, however, to reduce the level of damage you can use proper conditioners and apply suitable cleaners. In order to ensure that you invested in the correct product and identify genuine leather, you must notice that the leather product peels a little with time and forms a different texture on its top.

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