Many people tend to interchange the words “Jacket” and “Coat” for the same piece and style of clothing however being a maker of both the types we can clearly say, Coats are not jackets and jackets are not coats.

The main difference comes in terms of length. Jackets are usually made to sit just around your waist length however if we talk about something like a down coat or a trench coat, these pieces fall lower than your mid-thigh or even your knee making it relatively much more heavy-duty compared to a jacket.

As the sense of style is evolving day by day, different quality of leather jackets is also being worn to create a formal to semi-formal look. A long Leather Coat can create a great deal of definition on your overall look giving you a dangerous look. Other types of waist-length jackets are being worn as streetwear as well as formal wear if you’re going to for a much plain shirt and trousers underneath.

There are many types of coats as well as a huge variety of styles in jackets being very similar in many ways though there are some distinguishing features that need to be kept in mind to avoid any major wardrobe mishap. Even though all the types of leather jackets and coats have a lot of styling potential and can be worn uniquely according to one’s styles however every type is meant to be worn at different occasions, how odd would it be to show up in a sports jacket at a formal event.

Difference between a Sports Coat and a Suit Jacket

Sports Jackets

Firstly if we talk about a more casual piece of clothing that is less structured and more of a throw on and go type of wear then a Sports Coat is the clear answer to the question. Before the new style and fashion wear took its toll, Sports jackets were meant to be worn on, as the name implies, special sports events such as hunting or attending a football match.

Some of the major distinguishing characteristics that a Sport Jacket has are that it is available in a variety of colors and patterns with a less structured fitting allowing more ease of movement. Elbow patches are an optional style that one can go for if opting to buy a Sports Jacket.

A Sports jacket is best worn over a plain shirt with a nice pair of jeans to elevate your style. Being loosely fitted, it can also go very well with a thick layer of clothing underneath for example a turtle neck or a sweater. One tip to keep in mind is that the color and pattern of the pants you’re going for must not be identical to that of the Sports Coat.

Suit Jackets

These types of jackets are considered the dressiest type from all as they have been around for a very long time creating that sense of tradition and popularity among its wearers. One of the most distinguishing features that a Suit Jacket owns is that is worn with the same color and type of pants made out of the same cloth. The suits we wear today at many formal events used to be the wardrobe of most elites in the late 19th century. Today a Suit jacket has become an eveningwear staple in menswear making it one of the classiest types of clothing wear one can own.

These jackets come with the same colored pants and a vest that is usually made out of the same fabric as well. They are very well fitted thus in order to fully complement your body structure try to get a fitting that fits just right on your body type. Suit Jackets are usually in different neutral colors but the patterns tend to be very plain and simple while also rocking a feature notch and peak lapels.

You can get these jackets in different types of fabrics, key ones being: Cashmere, Linen, Cotton, and Silk.

Suit Jackets are to be worn explicitly with the same matching trousers however you may choose sleek denim jackets depending on the occasion you’re going to dress for. These types of jackets are definitely not meant to be layered due to the exact fitting that they have thus you must try to find a lightweight plain shirt that complements your jacket in every way to create a good pair.

Difference between a Suit Jacket Blazer and a Sports Coat

A suit jacket can be worn as a Blazer along with some plain jeans and the same goes for a sports coat though the difference arises when the occasion is put into account.

 For a semi-formal occasion, a suit jacket can be the go-to option as it provides that look of being professional and mature. The well-fitted design along with some nice pair of jeans can give you a sharp look that makes a lasting impression of others.

Occasions to be worn on:

  • Weddings
  • Job Interview
  • Graduation
  • Debate

Sports Coat is considered an elite type of clothing wear if you’re going to an event ceremony or a sporting event. With proper jeans that complement the overall dressing can be very eye-catching and creates a sense that you’re here to make a statement.

Occasions to be worn on:

  • Social Events
  • Offices
  • Sporting Events

These are the types of clothes that can be worn interchangeably on almost every occasion. In order to pull off a style, you need to keep in mind the key differences between all the types of clothing and what type of jacket would actually create the eye-catching look on your outfit. Each of these jackets contributes significantly to the spectrum of formal to casual men’s attire.

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