How to Wash Leather Jacket-DIY Methods have been around for ages. From young teens to grown men, it’s a go to piece of clothing for everyone. One of the main attracting features of a outwear is its timelessness. It allows you to wear it in every given occasion for a fairly long period of time. If kept proper care, a outwear can stay within your family for generations. Many people try to find the answer to a very common question, that is how can I clean my outwear. You’re on track to find the best methods to ensure that your outwear stays lasts in good condition.

How to clean leather jacket

  • Soap and Water

One of the most simple yet effectives answer to, how to wash outwear, is to use soap water.

  1. Pour a few ounces of warm water in a large container, add about 2 teaspoons of liquid dish detergent and mix it until a uniform mixture is formed. DO NOT use excessive amount of detergent as it can damage your outwear.
  2. Use a wet towel or sponge and submerge into the solution. Remove the excess liquid. Make sure the sponge is not soaking wet.
  3. Run the damp towel or sponge gently. Clean the entire jacket, re-wetting the towel whenever it is needed.
  4. Pat and dry the cloth with a dry piece of clothing that is also soft. Make sure no standing water remains

Apart from other homemade remedies, there is a special leather cleaner that allows you to wash your jacket removing all the dirt or stains. The problem of how to wash outwear is not an issue anymore.

  1. Spray a glob of leather cleaning solution onto the dirty part of the jacket.
  2. Rub it with a soft piece of towel, gently massaging throughout.
  3. Remove the excess solution from the jacket by wiping it with any other piece of clothing

These are some of the most common methods that would lead you clothe to have , rich sheen to it when you’re done applying any one of these methods. Afterwards, you look almost like new giving it a very smooth feel while also moisturizing and protecting it. This would keep your in good shape for months to come.

How to clean leather jacket at home

This being one of the most common question asked alongside, how to wash outwear. One mentioned above that only requires the use of detergent and warm water is one of the best DIY method that you can do to keep your cloth clean and moisturized. This will not only make look good but also increase its durability and lifespan.


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